Simple library to read/write C# objects from/to Excel files.

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They say that if you want have something done right better do it yourself. This is usually not true for software development, but recently I’ve encountered a peculiar issue with my favorite Excel ORM library (Npoi.Mapper). For all the users, apart from myself, it was reading only first 170 rows. Why 170, and why only for them, I don’t know. But as I work with Excel files at work constantly and always wanted to play with such thing I’ve decided to create my own, very crude, Excel ORM.

It’s only doing simple reading and writing to and from C# objects. But it’s enough for me. I’ve not developed it from scratch, it’s using ClosedXML to manipulate Excel files. So, I’ve used the same type of license to honor it.

Check test cases to get an idea of how you should use this library. I may add some examples here later on.

There’s one limitation in ClosedXML where it produces Excel files incompatible either with Aspose.Cells or with a tool I’m using which uses Aspose.Cells for reading Excel files. Hence, I’ve added IExcelConverter to allow me to workaround it in my tools. You’ll probably not have to use it though.

It currently supports properties of types as supported by ClosedXML, so:

  • bool
  • double
  • string
  • DateTime
  • TimeSpan

And their nullable variants.

In version 2 I've added ability to read data dynamically without a need to create a special type. Useful when you need to read/write some not so organized data.

As always, feel free to use it however you desire. But I provide you with no guarantee whatsoever. Enjoy!